Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Isn't this awesome? My good friend Bobbi sent me this beautiful Kauni yarn to make a Jeanne Townsend shawl along with her. I haven't started it yet, but I have showed it off a lot and admired it more. :)

This is sort of a blurry picture. But it shows the colors in the yarn ball.
I am displaying it (as per Bobbi's instructions) on my new bookshelf DH made for me recently for my craft room. She also sent me the proper size needles to do the shawl, and in this way got me to try the Knit Picks Harmony interchangeables.

DH lost his job at the end of September - boy this economy really sucks!
But it has given him time to rearrange all the furniture in the house, go through all of our possessions and purge (since he is a minimalist and DD and I are pack rats!), and make me a bookshelf for my craft room!!!!!! Yay!