Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm outta control!

OK. I can't seem to pass up a craft sale. Even when I really don't have the "extra" money - I squeeze it out of the grocery money . . .

OK . . . Enough guilt. I got ALL of this for under $35!!!!!!!!!!!

Five pattern books and pamphlets, three single pattern leaflets; . . .

'Please Notice' - only one ball of yarn! - be proud of me; four cable needles; four circulars - 2 of them ADDI's TURBO'S!; four sets of double pointed needles; three sets of straight needles; a small bone crochet hook; a needle threader ; . . .

cross stitch cloth; yarn bobs and thread bobbins; book markers to cross stitch; project card for floss control; and embroidery needles.


I think this prize was worth eating peanut butter and jelly a few extra days this month!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Taste the Rainbow . . . .

A few of us from my Spinning Guild (OK, the Weaving Guild - those of you involved in one pretty much know that the spinners are the "redheaded step-children" of the guilds) decided to follow a 'Master Spinners Certificate Program', only without the certificate. Someone found something online for us to follow - however loosely.

There are 7 of us, and we got 3 lbs of wool each. Two people each dyed 2 lbs. of one of the three primary colors, and one dyed 2 lbs of black. Then we saved 1 lb of the white to do tones and shading along with the black. (Red, Yellow, and Blue - we debated which color wheel to follow, and actually had chosen Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan before I left for Oregon - but somehow that changed while I was gone, still not sure who or how . . . ?)

Anyhow. . . . I did my dying with my friend Laura, much more fun with a friend!! I had the red and Laura had the blue. Laura is rinsing the red out for me while I took the pictures.

Then we had a meeting where we divided our colors among the group 4.5 oz apiece. (my red is in the chair, it took better than the other lady's for some reason - standing on the right - hers came out sort of pink)

Then we went home with our "stash" and carded our own color wheel, before our next meeting this Saturday. Here is mine. I'm thinking my green is too blue, and maybe my purple too. May re-card those two.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Craft store closing . . . . had to do my part

'The Craft Depot' , our biggest craft store in the area next to Michael's, is closing it's doors. :(

I was able to get a couple of good deals, but geez!, I would rather have them around for the next time I can't find that needle or need a certain color of yarn or beads.

I was able to pick up some yarn for an afghan for my niece - not all of it though, many people got there before me, so I need to get the rest online. Yarn for a sweater for DH's cousin's baby, some gorgeous beads for my wire wrapping and stitch markers, a bucket of foam shapes for our Homeschool Group Christmas party, and a few other odds and ends.

Plus . . . . . Easter egg dying kits! For only 20 cents apiece! I LOVE using these to dye rovings to spin.

Now, I just need a few more hours a day to get all the knitting and spinning I want done!