Saturday, May 30, 2009

February 16, 2006

A few more rows . . .

Boy, am I glad that this baby isn't due until June! I took the picture outside in the late afternoon, so there is a bit of shadowing - sorry. I am on a green row now, for the middle, then plan to alternate the yellow and white again on the opposite side and end with green. it's twice as wide as that too. You can ask other's I have made "baby" blankets for - I tend to make them a little HUGE - like "mommy and baby" snuggle blankets! I managed to get a few more rows on it, but also had a little distraction for a Knitting Exchange I joined for this month. It's my first one, and I am excited! I will get a picture of what I'm doing for that up tomorrow, if I can.
I also had to finish a late birthday present for my great neice. She is such a cutie, and used to stand infront of me when I'd visit (and she was about 4) and while I was sitting on the couch knitting, she would "help me" knit on baby blankets (did quite a few of those while back in Sothern Cal - lots of FERTILE friends!) She would throw the yarn for me, then help me push the needle back down through the loop and off. Quite an accomplishment upside down and backwards! She is 6 now.
She got the biggest kick out of it, so I wanted to knit her something special to remember Aunt Tammy by. The FO is in my pics, along with a matching FO that Amber made for her - to comemorate their trip to Disney land together! I'm going to send them off this week.
February 13, 2006

My first wheel

Don't want to leave out my other wheel. (Sorry the picture is so dark, it's early and dark in this house.)
This one was made in Australia, for a lady I met in San Diego. She said it had a few quirks, and was bought for her by her EXhusband. She had a new husband, and a new wheel and just wanted to get rid of it - to someone who would get some use out of it. Well, the price was right for me - FREE!
I've been told it's styled after an Ashford Travelor wheel.
It's definetly gotten some use! At least the last 3 years! It sat in the corner of my living room for the first year of it's stay with me, before I finally listened to friends and joined the local adult- ed spinning class. Boy, am I glad I did! Margaret, my teacher, was GREAT! I learned so much in the year I was in her class. Things that people in my new guild haven't even tried yet! I almost feel like a pro!
February 13, 2006

My new (to me) toy!

Isn't she pretty?
I heard it was for sale at my guild meeting on Saturday, and . . . we bought it yesterday (Sunday)!
It lived with a lady up in Bradenton (about 45 minutes North of us) who had bought it from a lady in England 25 years ago. That lady told her, it was made in 1960- something. So it may be older than me! It's an old Ashford Traditional.
I think we got a good deal. I got the wheel, two knobby thingies (sorry, not sure what these are - yet), the lazy kate, four bobbins, a jumbo flyer and four jumbo bobbins - oh! and she threw in a book, "The care & feeding of spinning wheels" - all for $150!
I haven't tried her out yet, hubby took us to the Ringling Medieval Faire right after we picked her up, and by the time we got home and did dinner I was just too tired. I'll probabley give her a "whirl" tonight.
February 10, 2006

I have a new favorite knitting book
Partially because it's my newest knitting book period, but also because it's awesome!
Have you checked out the Vogue Knitting STITCHIONARY? I'll admit, most of my knitting books are still packed up (waiting for the big move to the new house) but I still think I would feel this way if I had access. There are so many pattern swatches in this book, it just gets my mind rolling with ideas and inspiration.
Before this I have been going mainly to Kniting Over the Edge (and will still be checking it out) for most of my inspiration. But this is more ideas for the whole project, and "Edge" is . . well , for the edges! And embelishments.

February 6, 2006

Ok, so someone UP THERE likes me.

Hubby got the call this am that his company car was ready for pick up. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!
We went this afternoon and picked up his new Ford Escape. It is a cherry lil' ride. It is copper orange, and has a V6. Pretty nice. I will have to drive it sometime. It is just really nice having my Explorer back right now.
Thanks to everyone who read of my dilema and sent good :
vibes/prayers/wishes - Much appreciated.
Got another row and a half done on the curent project, on the other side of the yellow stripe is now another almost completed stripe of white.
Thursday February 2, 2006

Why is it . . .
That when I have nothing going on in my life, and no where to be, I have atleast one if not two working vehicles sitting around. But when I am sharing my reliable/newer transportation, and using hubby's "antique" bug for short jaunts, the freeeking thing has one problem after another - like weekly!>??
He drove the thing all over for almost the whole first year we were here, with no problems. I have only been drivng it for 3 or 4 months, and have had issues 3 times that required repairs. And once again, it has zonked out on me! And, I have to work tomorrow! I have had to cancel 3 different classes because of this car! It is making me crazy!
Plus, I just dropped my daughter off at the library to volunteer, then have to pick her up at 6 - with something to eat in hand, so I can then take her to a Girl Scout meeting that starts at 6:30. All of this may be real hard to do.
I put in the SOS to hubby's pager, that he needs to make this a short day and have the (MY) car back to me before 6. Hopefully he can swing it, but then what do I do about my class tomorrow?
I need to go knit a row.

Well, it's finally happening ....

I started my blogger back when it started really looking like Yahoo 360 was going to be shutting down. I blogged on 360 for a couple of years - it was my first experience with blogging. Got the confirmation on Friday, 360 will be history in mid July.

So. . . I am going to start slowly moving my past blog entries from 360 over here - starting NOW:

Entry for January 23, 2006

Well, my friend Bobbi bugged the crud outta me to check out her 360* site - so here I am! Since I needed to "connect" to her, I decided to set up my own blog.
As many of my friends know already, I am bad about writing, so my entries may be far between. Also, I started working as a knitting instructor a few months ago at the local Michael's - I wanted to get more people hooked! That takes up what used to be computer time, and I am homeschooling my 14 year old daughter, so that tends to keep me busy too.
I will try to get some pictures up of my knitting, but I have been real awful at remembering to take pics before I give stuff away. I have asked a few people to send me photos of things I have given them, so maybe . . .
I moved to SW Florida a little over a year ago, from a three year stay in the San Diego area My husband (of 16 years) was a career NAVY man, so our "Where are you from?" changed about every three years.
I miss the friends I made there ("Hi Guys!") and all the GREAT knitting/fiber opportunities around there also. I learned A LOT while living there. Including how to spin my own yarn on a drop spindle and a spinning wheel, and how to knit lace from a great teacher, THE Judy . (also known as - check out some of her work) and I increased my basic knowledge of all things knitting and fiber related beyond my expectations. I was an active member/participant in three, sometimes four, knitting groups. They met at least once a month, some twice. So I got a "GROUP knitting" fix about once a week, and oh! the knowledge shared in these groups. I've joined a couple of groups here, and the ladies are sweet and very kind. But the level of experimentation is not even challenged. Judy did beautiful lace, Bobbi and Colleen - awesome socks, and Heather . . . a wire knitted bustier, hexagon shapes morphing into gorgeous sweater sets, a bikini from elasticized yarn. Always the edgy knitter... sigh ... I do miss that so.
BUT, we moved down here to be near my husbands family, and it has been nice. We do all our holidays and birthdays with his cousin's, and it has been great. Plus, you just can't top the fact that we are having our "dream house" built, and it is over 2200 square feet - and no where near the " over half a million" it would cost us in San Diego for the same house! Gotta give and take I guess. Considering we didn't have that half a mil, we "took" Florida!
I guess that's the short and sweet of it right now.

"I'm not obsessed, I'm just highly preoccupied. - Anonymous"

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

She has SERIOUS Bed Head!

I bought a new blow dryer recently, and one of our cats was too interested in the box. But when I pulled the blow dryer out I shoved all the packing material back into it, so she couldn't get in - even though it was see through on one side, and she could see right into it. After her continued attempts to gain entry - through the see through panel - I finally gave in and emptied it out for her. Now it's her favorite spot to "hide", and she seems to be under the impression that we can't see her while she is inside it.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

OK. Is May over yet?

Big Sigh . . . . Well, since the end of April I have been in a FUNK. Talking with a friend today I figured it out. It's May! I miss my mommy.

Usually I see it coming, but this year it sort of took me by surprise. Which is actually a good thing. We lost mom to lung cancer 18 years ago, May 23, 1991. :(

I still miss her every day. But this year it didn't hit me like a stack of bricks. I actually thought it would be worse this year, because we just lost Dad a year and a half ago - and just had his ashes buried last summer. But maybe it was that closure - having the two of them buried together, that helped me reach a new place.
I miss them both.
This year WAS easier than others. But I am still ready for June. . . . . . .