Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Discount Store Haul . . . .

I went to my local Big Lots after reading on Ravelry that someone had found quite a selection of yarn there a few weeks back. I found some Lion Brand yarns, and some (no name)brands I never heard of before.

Check out what followed me home!

7 skeins of Lion Brand Chenille Thick N Quick

6 skeins of a blue acrylic

2 skeins of LB Boucle

2 skeins of LB Suede

2 skeins of LB Fancy Fur

2 skeins of turquoise lash

12 skeins of variegated wool, 6 each of two different colorways

The Thick N Quick and the blue acrylic are going to my church stash for our Comfort Shawl Ministry. The rest is going into my personal stash. :)

The day before this haul, I got these at our new 'Tuesday Morning' . . . .

This crazy eyelash yarn, from Trendsetter's (to mix in with something - not sure what yet) and these three books.
Not a bad week for stash enhancement! Not so good for the budget, but . . . . Hey!


  1. I love that patterned yarn, you siad that is the wool?? Great.

  2. Tammy, you are so funny! Did someone really twist your arm on that yarn purchase? Great haul and I'm grean with

  3. Did you see the sock yarn from Lion Brand, you can stash some of that too!