Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Camping with the "in-laws" - LOL!

We actually stayed next to DD's boyfriend's family. We all had a pretty good time, and may do it again - IN THE FALL! Friday night was nice, Saturday was great, Saturday night after dinner it started getting muggy, and by Sunday morning it was down right WET! Yuck!

We really liked the state park we stayed at, and scoped out other spots - so we can pick a spot by the water online next time. But even with an a/c on our pop-up, I don't want to go out during a Florida summer - cause I can't stay INSIDE all the time!

Only in Florida . . . .

Obligatory critter shot. But check out this one. . . . where's Waldo?


  1. Oh, I lived in FL as a child, and I agree, you can not be outside too much in the summer! You were all brave to be swimming right near that sign. There would have be no swiming for me!

    I'm glad you had a good time.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun but you would not have caught me dead in the water with that alligator sign

  3. Was that frog waving at you??

  4. That wasn't anyone from our group in the water!

    Zack's mom and I have the same outlook about swimming in Florida -swimming pools and sometimes the ocean! Any body of water that could have an alligator in it, won't have me in it! (and preferabley not anyone in my family either!) The canoe pic is of (right to left)Zack (DD's BF)my DH, Zack's mom, and Zack's dad. That was as close as any of us came to alligator water the whole weekend.

    After we packed up Sunday afternoon, we all headed to a beach on the way home and spent a few hours playing in the water and sun!

    And for Bobbi - I thought so! Was told I was seeing things! But it looks to me like he is waving and smiling!!