Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Craft store closing . . . . had to do my part

'The Craft Depot' , our biggest craft store in the area next to Michael's, is closing it's doors. :(

I was able to get a couple of good deals, but geez!, I would rather have them around for the next time I can't find that needle or need a certain color of yarn or beads.

I was able to pick up some yarn for an afghan for my niece - not all of it though, many people got there before me, so I need to get the rest online. Yarn for a sweater for DH's cousin's baby, some gorgeous beads for my wire wrapping and stitch markers, a bucket of foam shapes for our Homeschool Group Christmas party, and a few other odds and ends.

Plus . . . . . Easter egg dying kits! For only 20 cents apiece! I LOVE using these to dye rovings to spin.

Now, I just need a few more hours a day to get all the knitting and spinning I want done!

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  1. ah hem. Didn't we JUST have a talk about how much was spent for the month? I am planning on sending off for stuff from Astrid, let me know.