Friday, August 21, 2009

Sarasota Jungle Gardens

This place is so cool! They have a "Reptile Encounter","Birds of Prey" show, and a "Parrot Show" - with this guy and some of his friends. I love Parrots. They are beautiful birds. But I could never own one - they are so obnoxiously loud!
I took a picture of my husband, taking a picture of our daughter......
The last time we went to Sarasota Jungle Garden's, my daughter was 3 1/2 years old! We were in Sarasota camping with DH's parents before we left for Italy in the summer of '04, and we took a little side trip here just the three of us. It was pretty cool to go back. DD only remembered seeing the VHS tape of the day, but was thrilled when she recognized the "stage" that the parrots perform on. So this was a day that brought back some memories.
These two "ladies" are from the "Reptile Encounter". The top one is a two year old gator, the bottom one is a few years older - they called her "Attitude".
We had such a GREAT day! I think next time we won't wait 14 years between visits!

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