Monday, August 24, 2009


Before I forget - AGAIN! - the pineapple was awesome! Super sweet and delicious! My daughter does not usually care for fresh pineapple - it's not sweet enough for her, just the canned. Well, I managed to get one piece, and she saved one for my husband; other than that, she ate the whole thing herself! (it was only about 5 or 6 inches tall - so she pointed out)
DH had 2 weeks off between the end of his summer term and the start of Fall term. We spent the one day at the Sarasota Jungle Gardens and, surprisingly, only one day at the beach. I enjoy the beach, but I have to spend my day mostly under an umbrella, so I don't fry to a crisp! (see the large round shadow?)

But I manage to find ways to keep myself entertained and happy.... I enjoy doing my knitting on the beach and taking pictures...

and I go out a few times into the sun to find shells, interesting rocks and SHARKS TEETH!!!

Luckily for DH, he has weekends off and we can do the beach for at least 2 more months!

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