Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1 scarf down, 2 to go

And many thanks to Helen, for modeling it for me!

I am working with my Tuesday B.A.M. ladies to make scarves and hats for our Appalachian project for kids, in conjunction with a Fort Lauderdale group (did you see the 20/20 show?). Anyhow, my personal goal is for three scarves and three hats by September (in between Christmas knitting and finishing a few personal projects). This is my first finished scarf. I finished it yesterday and sewed in my ends at our Tuesday night meeting. I got Helen to model it for me so I could take a picture.

So, ONE DOWN - TWO TO GO! Will update as I finish more. :)


  1. How sweet of you to give service. I know the warmth of the scarfs and hats will be apprecited in the cold winter weather. I use to knit mittens and hats for the local elementry school my kids went to for those that forgot theirs at home or didn't have any so their hands and heads weren't too cold at recess. They play outside for recess here until it is 0 outside. :(

  2. Helen is just so darn cute! Love the scarf, too!

    Of course you can go next year! I'll save a seat for you in the Road Bus! ;-)

    See you Tuesday.