Tuesday, July 28, 2009

VBS was awesome!

Welcome to Crocodile Dock! We had a good time down on the bayou this year!
Thanks to a bigger church down the road, we had some great decorations, like this fishing shack and dock. ;)
Our volunteers were truly outstanding this year. Here is our new Pastoral Intern, John Scott, with "Skeeter". Skeeter is looking sad, because the kids couldn't seem to remember their Bible points that morning.
Our teen/young adult volunteers went above and beyond our expectations also. I was so proud of them all!
By Friday, we all looked a lot like this though....

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  1. You guys all look like you could use a hug!
    Thanks for commenting on my Sister Goldenhair post...That's her theme song between us...and has been for years. I'm so glad you know the lyrics. They go through my head all the time at random moments. I'll tell you a story about it some time!
    Hugs and see you Tuesday, my friend.