Friday, July 17, 2009

Crazy Busy!

Vacation Bible School is happening at my church this coming week! Are we ready? I sure hope so! I am in charge, and from what I can tell, we have it all together. Here's hoping!

I have been crazy busy trying to get it all together, and woefully neglecting my blog. So I thought I would add a picture that I love. It's a plaque on my bedroom wall. And yes, there is a story....

My DH has an obsession with flamingos. For years he has threatened to fill the front yard with those tacky plastic flamingos as soon as we moved to Florida. Soon after we moved here, he waited until I was out of town, and bought a small (1ft) resin one (on the phone he just said "Yep, bought a plastic flamingo for the front yard, you'll like it") that sat by the door for awhile - until it succumbed to the heat. DD bought him a singing and dancing one that was 2 ft high at Spencer's for Christmas in '07, but it gave up the ghost too (plastic doesn't last as long as it used too!). This one we picked up at Sea World in Orlando, (or was it Busch Garden's in Tampa? anyhow...) it is suppose to be the three of us! We have very interesting family portraits!


  1. Love the flamingo story. It put a smile on my face.

  2. LOL, my sister lives in FL and there are so many critters that live there, I teased her about the plastic flamagos. When bird flu was the scare (like swine flu now) I sent her a picture that had a lot of plastic flamagos laying around in a yard and the caption "bird flu reported in Florida" hehe.