Friday, April 11, 2008

Here I am!

Well, I decided to try blogger.

Not confident with Yahoo and not real sure about Multiply.

So, here I am.


  1. Welcome to Blogger. You will not miss the 360 frustrations. Mutiply has too many inappropriate ads.
    Not sure if you saw my blog on Webs on 360 about 3 weeks ago. It is so fantastic. Yarn Harlot...well, that's my 2nd time seeing her. Wish you could join Briley and I. Are you the Tammy who's blog I was reading on 360?

  2. Welcome, and I know you will "pimp your site" up soon enough. My yahoo im is not working, see you monday.

  3. OK, get your pictures in there!!!

  4. Ok...I looked. What is this picture?

  5. This picture is of me infront of the pineapple "palm tree's" at the grand buffet on the ship.