Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How can she be THAT old?

OK. Question here.

At what point do you actually feel your age?

I have gone through years when I felt older than I am, due to health issues, old bones, aching joints, the like.

Then there are those times when I think back to 14, 16, 20something, and think . . . that wasn't that long ago. Times like my DD's prom recently, when I think "I am not old enough to have a 17year old". Or times at the doctors office when I am talking with the mother of a 5 year old, and I think "She was that old just . . . a few years ago".

Where does the time go?


Big Sigh . . . .

For a little excitement to your day, and to celebrate the passing of time . . . check out Briley's page. ( He has a cool contest to commemorate his 1st blogaversary. A name the fiber's contest! Make sure to mention that I sent you over! ;)


  1. Good question! Most days you could not convince anyone, let alone me, that I will be 50 in a year and 5 months! But some days, I feel like I'm twice that. Thank God those are fewer than the others...just not as far in between as I'd like.

  2. Really good pic of both your girls when they were young!

  3. Tammy, my daughter will be 39 this year. It was yesterday that I was 39. How time flies! Have a great day!