Saturday, May 30, 2009

February 16, 2006

A few more rows . . .

Boy, am I glad that this baby isn't due until June! I took the picture outside in the late afternoon, so there is a bit of shadowing - sorry. I am on a green row now, for the middle, then plan to alternate the yellow and white again on the opposite side and end with green. it's twice as wide as that too. You can ask other's I have made "baby" blankets for - I tend to make them a little HUGE - like "mommy and baby" snuggle blankets! I managed to get a few more rows on it, but also had a little distraction for a Knitting Exchange I joined for this month. It's my first one, and I am excited! I will get a picture of what I'm doing for that up tomorrow, if I can.
I also had to finish a late birthday present for my great neice. She is such a cutie, and used to stand infront of me when I'd visit (and she was about 4) and while I was sitting on the couch knitting, she would "help me" knit on baby blankets (did quite a few of those while back in Sothern Cal - lots of FERTILE friends!) She would throw the yarn for me, then help me push the needle back down through the loop and off. Quite an accomplishment upside down and backwards! She is 6 now.
She got the biggest kick out of it, so I wanted to knit her something special to remember Aunt Tammy by. The FO is in my pics, along with a matching FO that Amber made for her - to comemorate their trip to Disney land together! I'm going to send them off this week.

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