Sunday, May 17, 2009

OK. Is May over yet?

Big Sigh . . . . Well, since the end of April I have been in a FUNK. Talking with a friend today I figured it out. It's May! I miss my mommy.

Usually I see it coming, but this year it sort of took me by surprise. Which is actually a good thing. We lost mom to lung cancer 18 years ago, May 23, 1991. :(

I still miss her every day. But this year it didn't hit me like a stack of bricks. I actually thought it would be worse this year, because we just lost Dad a year and a half ago - and just had his ashes buried last summer. But maybe it was that closure - having the two of them buried together, that helped me reach a new place.
I miss them both.
This year WAS easier than others. But I am still ready for June. . . . . . .

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  1. Tammy, I hope you can find some comfort in the happy memories you have of your mom.