Saturday, May 30, 2009

February 13, 2006

My first wheel

Don't want to leave out my other wheel. (Sorry the picture is so dark, it's early and dark in this house.)
This one was made in Australia, for a lady I met in San Diego. She said it had a few quirks, and was bought for her by her EXhusband. She had a new husband, and a new wheel and just wanted to get rid of it - to someone who would get some use out of it. Well, the price was right for me - FREE!
I've been told it's styled after an Ashford Travelor wheel.
It's definetly gotten some use! At least the last 3 years! It sat in the corner of my living room for the first year of it's stay with me, before I finally listened to friends and joined the local adult- ed spinning class. Boy, am I glad I did! Margaret, my teacher, was GREAT! I learned so much in the year I was in her class. Things that people in my new guild haven't even tried yet! I almost feel like a pro!

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