Saturday, May 30, 2009

February 13, 2006

My new (to me) toy!

Isn't she pretty?
I heard it was for sale at my guild meeting on Saturday, and . . . we bought it yesterday (Sunday)!
It lived with a lady up in Bradenton (about 45 minutes North of us) who had bought it from a lady in England 25 years ago. That lady told her, it was made in 1960- something. So it may be older than me! It's an old Ashford Traditional.
I think we got a good deal. I got the wheel, two knobby thingies (sorry, not sure what these are - yet), the lazy kate, four bobbins, a jumbo flyer and four jumbo bobbins - oh! and she threw in a book, "The care & feeding of spinning wheels" - all for $150!
I haven't tried her out yet, hubby took us to the Ringling Medieval Faire right after we picked her up, and by the time we got home and did dinner I was just too tired. I'll probabley give her a "whirl" tonight.

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