Monday, June 1, 2009

August 31, 2006

This is what has kept me busy the last couple of days

I will put a picture of each side - incase you want the "full affect" in my pictue album - under knitting. (well, all but the front, I left that plain except for the house number) We really wanted one of those huge statuary mailboxes (like a dolphin or a manatee holding the post box) but since we aren't rolling in the dough - handpainting a cheap metal box was my next choice.
It gave Bobbi the giggles (flamingo's in Florida) but my husband has been teasing me for years about getting a bunch of those tacky plastic flamingos for the front yard - as soon as we have a house. So this was sort of my salute to him and his flamingo obsession. :)
Not half bad, if I do toot my own horn! I am going to give the bird one more coat of pink, then spray the whole thing with a sealer. Hope it works!

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