Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I almost forgot . . .
Looking at the 360* of another knitbuddy, I realized I had never posted any pics of the handmade knitting needles I made.

Please ignore the wrinkled backdrop.

I took a few different colors of polymer clay, made little snakes of each, rolled them together, then twisted and rolled again, and then cut chunks for the tops. Pushed the dowls into them, then pulled them back off to bake. After baking I used craft glue to attach them.

The needles are two different size dowls, cut to 12 inches each, points are made with a pencil sharpener, and the whole thing is sanded smooth. The larger ones are about 10 1/2 and the smaller are 8's. I oiled them after sanding (the larger with a stain in the oil) and then rubbed them with a piece of wax paper, after the glue dried from attaching the tops.

It was fun! There is a close up of the tops in my knitting album.

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