Friday, June 12, 2009

October 16, 2007
I couldn't control myself!

I went with my friend to a new Weaving and Spinning Guild meeting today. We live in a fairly small area, and the two big cities to the North and South of us have guilds - where as our area doesn't. We have both been members of the guild to the North for a couple of years, and wanted to check out the guild to the south.

Well, it was very nice.The members who where present were all very nice - and their spinners meet every Tuesday! That is a big plus right there.

Now, this could be a plus or a minus - depending on how you look at it! (like killing my budget!) THERE IS A SUPER JOANN'S BETWEEN THERE AND HOME! Now this is a BIG thing, since our nearest Joann's is very lame.

We stopped by on our way home and I got all these goodies - on sale! The yarn was only $1.57 a ball! I picked up some for a scarf for DD, two Christmas ornaments, and that pretty coral is probably a sweater. I got some black and white FIMO at 50% off, lighted needles in size 6 for dishcloths (just for fun! at $6) A set of bamboo dp's for socks in size 1, head pins for more stitch markers, and foam balls for the Christmas ornaments - my only full priced purchases. (and actually the only things I went in for in the first place)

I had a ball! Now I need to figure out how many days we may need to eat PB&J to make up for it . . . .

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