Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Entry for March 23, 2008

This is from the Altu Han, Mayan ruins in Belize. It was a really cool place.

We were told by our guide that the really awesome ruins were about 40 miles farther west, closer to Guatemala. Maybe one day we will go back and spend a few days in Belize for a closer look.

The hard part of a cruise is only having a few hours on shore to see things before you have to get back on-board and sail away again. When you hear about this cool place to check out, you probably don't have the time to find it. But then, you have the opportunity to get a taste of four places in four days.

It was quite the experience.

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  1. LDSVenus: Someday that is on my list of things to see the mayan and other ruins in South America :)
    Wednesday April 2, 2008