Sunday, June 14, 2009

Entry for December 07, 2007

No picture yet, but I am working on gloves and a hat for one of DH's cousins.

and the hat pattern I think I'll use is in the Holiday 2007 'knitsimple' (a few other nice patterns in this issue too!)

We do a gift exchange every Christmas, that we draw names for on Thanksgiving. Well, I got the cousin who has been working a couple of weeks every other month in NY state. So what better gift for a Florida boy working part of his time in cold NY?

The yarn I got is Inca Alpaca in a heathered green color - gorgeous, and yummy soft! Online the color number says it's Juniper Berry Heather - blue, it's listed as a blue! It doesn't look like any shade of blue, it's more a spruce or forrest green!

Anyhow, hopefully I will have a picture to show soon with much progress.

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  1. LDSVenus: Very nice looking gloves!! Do post a picture as you can, would love to see those gloves in that alpaca :). Thinking about making a sweater, for my 2nd son who actually wants me to knit him one :), out of the Inca Alpaca.
    Saturday December 8, 2007

    Bobbi: Thanks Tammy, that is a great link and I think those gloves will be a great and warm gift. Good luck with all those fingers ~grin~ and yes, I too would love to see progress pics, although it is really neat to do the I chat and SEE you knitting. Me, I had to rip out those socks I was knitting during the chat....recast on, with more stitches and using size 0 so this might be better.
    Monday December 10, 2007