Wednesday, June 17, 2009

May 13, 2008

Spiffin' up the back yard . . .

We put up a gazebo (from Home Depot) yesterday. When we got it finished we knew it was time to landscape the back yard - who wants to sit around in a gazebo and stare at an ugly yard? We landscaped the front over the last two years, now it was time to get to the back.

We picked up 4 Areca Palms for shade; four more Hibiscus, two of one kind - one hot pink and one peach, plus two of a different kind that haven't bloomed yet - mystery flowers! - (we have eight others put in by the builder - four with red flowers and variegated leaves in the front yard, and four with solid green leaves on the side of the house around the water softener - think they were orange flowers); Portulaca in red, orange and yellow to add some color under the palms; and a Meyers lemon tree for a pot on my porch, it's all of 1 foot tall right now. I am going to get three more desert roses (have one in the front yard) to put between the hibiscus.

I am pretty happy with it all.

We already had three rose bushes (in the back corner, around the well); and four oak trees. But that was the extent of our backyard landscaping.

We are going to add small rocks or crushed sea shells in front of the slab to put the lounge chairs on.

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  1. Bobbi: See, it is all shaping up!! Did you know that the hibiscus flowers are edible? It is what is used to make the jamaica tea the mexican restaurants use. And high in Vitamin C. It will all be gorgeous in bloom.

    Tuesday May 13, 2008

    LDSVenus: Gosh Tammy, it looks like an oasis :). Hope you get to enjoy it alot this summer. :)

    Wednesday May 14, 2008