Sunday, June 7, 2009

June 3, 2007

Has it really been over 16 years?

Well, DD is leaving for Girl Scout Camp tomorrow. She is doing orientation this week, Monday through Saturday. Then she goes back on Sunday to start her 8 weeks of being a CIT. She will be coming home on Friday nights, and going back on Sunday afternoons. She has all these great plans of seeing friends, and going to the movies, etc. etc. But I'm pretty sure she will be sleeping most of the ONE day she is home. (While I am doing her laundry!)

She is so excited about it! She decided she wanted to be a camp counselor her first week at GS Camp in 2001! Then last year she was planning to be a CIT (counselor in training) but, evidently, they changed the age from 15 to 16. She was crushed! So this year she started asking about it before the summer camp brochures even came out! And she has been talking about it non-stop ever since. A little irritating at times . . .

Don't get me wrong though, I am very proud of her. There were only twelve 16-18 year old girls picked, out of all that applied. (not sure of the total number, but it was in 4 or 5 counties) And she totally amazed the camp director, when asked which week she wanted to do her completion training. (the girls are required to do the week of orientation, then 1 week after to complete their CIT training. Then, if they choose to specialize in a particular area - like crafts, sports, water play . . . they do an additional week) When asked which additional week she wanted to do she said "I'd actually like to do them all if I can." The director had to pause and regain, "UH . . . GREAT!" You could tell it surprised her.

I have to admit. I'm going to miss her. She is a big part of my days, with the home schooling and such. But, withing a day or two, I will figure out what to do with all my "spare" time. I still have some unpacking and painting to do, and hope to get it all done during that "free" time. So I won't have a lot of time to miss her.

What will I do with all that knitting and spinning time!?!?

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  1. Joansie: You are rightfully proud of your daughter. She sounds like a very nice young lady!
    Sunday June 3, 2007

    Bobbi: I am also proud of how Amber has turned out. Good Job, Mom!
    Now you can reap the reward of doing well and take some "Tammy time" and play with the spinning and knitting, reading and hanging out in the pool. Oh, and JUST DOING WHAT YOU WANT TO DO (within Todd limits)
    Sunday June 3, 2007

    Michelle: Sounds like your daughter is going to have a great summer! My daughter is also a way for the summer and I am getting some more unpacking done and some spring cleaning too. More in common :) Have a great one!
    Monday June 4, 2007

    Cheryl: she gone? Do you miss her already? Dang, you're old! LOL But...that makes me even older. Its gonna be so strange...
    Monday June 4, 2007

    Bobbi: Speaking of Amber being 16 now, GM reminded us yesterday that Amber promised to drive to San Diego to visit when she got her drivers license. I don't know that that has happened yet or not, but you and she were greatly missed and remembered fondly. GM was indeed on her best behavior especially knowing we had folks coming in from far, far away.
    Sunday June 10, 2007