Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Entry for January 30, 2007

DD wanted me to share the "other pics" of the crocheted rug.

This is from when I layed out the squares to determine position, before I sewed them together. Evidently, my cat decided she liked the color or texture or whatever, but she most definitely decided it was HERS. When I would grab up a couple of squares to sew them together, I would get swatted at and berated for messing with HER blanket/rug.

I know for many of you this is probably nothing new, but for us it is a big thing. Pazza (pronounced similar to pizza) doesn't pay much attention to our knitting. She likes to play with the end of a straight knitting needle, if it is in her way on the lap she chooses to grace. But other than that, she is very disinterested.

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