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January 22, 2008

The SAGA of the gloves

Here is my tale of woe . . . .

We draw names at Thanksgiving with Dh's cousins (whom we do all the holidays with) for Christmas gift giving. I picked his cousin Phil.

Phil works for a company that sends him to NY every other month for 2 weeks. Since he has lived in SW Florida for many years now, I guessed that he probably doesn't have winter dressing stuff : hat, gloves, and scarf.

I had DH ask his sisters what color his winter coat was. Then I picked out some luscious alpaca, in a very handsome green color, and searched on-line for a nice glove pattern. Found a good looking pair, and then came across a magazine with a hat pattern that went well. (Must have been meant to be - it was published at just the right time and was in the bookstore the week after picking out the glove pattern to find it!)

Started on the gloves, then received an email from Phil. (We send our "picker" a list of things we are in need or desire of, so they have an idea where to start.) Well, his email said gift card to Penney's, gift card to Home Depot, gift card to . . . you get the idea. He did say that he probably needed a hat and gloves (DH asked him about these things, so I could be sure he didn't have them already) but that "These are such 'personal taste' items" that he couldn't see anyone picking them out for him. (big sigh)

His older sister (whom I knit with occasionally, and share projects with every time we are together) told me (the next time we got together) that she and one younger sister had been agonizing how to tell me that Phil is SUPER picky and they hadn't bought him any clothing items since he was a teen for just this reason. She said she would never even think of knitting him anything!ARRGGHH!!

DH saw how disappointed I was, and tried to make me feel better by saying he had a business trip to Dallas, coming up in January, and that he was sure he would need gloves. But then the following day his business trip got postponed until March.

Well, I managed to get a few rows farther than this picture, but am planning a trip to the frog pond with these for good!

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  1. Briley: I'm sorry you were disapointed by Phil's lack of enthusiasm for hand-knits, but really you are much better off putting forth effort for someone who will truly appreciate what you make. I say take the alpaca and make something nice for yourself.
    Tuesday January 22, 2008

    Joansie: What????????? Someone doesn't like handknitted gift items!!!Briley is right on.
    Tuesday January 22, 2008

    Bobbi: ah hem, well, you KNOW someone whose favorite color is green ~giggle~ if you can't think what to do with it.
    Tuesday January 22, 2008

    Them2lilboots: Either knit something for yourself or knit the set and then sell them.
    Saturday January 26, 2008