Friday, June 12, 2009

October 11, 2007

18 years later . . .

DH came home with a gigantic card and a dozen roses last night. Then we went out for dinner and a movie, and I had DD take a few pictures of us before we left.

We had a decent steak at a local place - the rest of dinner was so-so to sucky, and then saw The Heartbreak Kid:,2885498-700-wmv-s.37678819-,2885498-100-wmv-s.37678810-,2885498-300-wmv-s.37678813-,2885498-1000-wmv-s.37678821-,2885498-700-qtv-s.37679123-,2885498-300-flash-s.37678830-,2885498-100-qtv-s.37679115-,2885498-700-flash-s.37678831-,2885498-100-flash-s.37678824-,2885498-1000-flash-s.37678832-,2885498-300-qtv-s.37679118-,2885499-10300-qtv-s.37678844-,2885499-2700-qtv-s.37678838-,2885499-6800-qtv-s.37678839-

It was funny. Kind of crazy, but funny. It was good to laugh like that. We had a good time.

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  1. walkabout: Congrats on the 18 years, they do go fast don't they. You guys celebrated a wonderful day. take good care
    Thursday October 11, 2007

    Briley: Happy Anniversary!
    Thursday October 11, 2007

    麗MºñFluerEyes: Hmmmm... 18 years is a long time but you are a couple who are young at heart so the years fly by without a difference. I am happy for both of you. Have many many wonderful and fun filled years ahead. God Bless.
    Friday October 12, 2007

    LDSVenus: It's great to have such a good marriage. You are
    very blessed. :) May you enjoy many more.