Friday, June 12, 2009

October 10, 1989 . . .

Can it really be 18 years ago?

Wow! It really doesn't seem that long ago (well, most of the time. then there are those times when it seems like longer)

One of my older sister's was my MOH, and one of his Great uncles was his best man. We were married in Michigan, with his family there (mom, dad, sister, and grandma) had a dinner at their house; spent the night at the Hampton Inn; then headed for Oregon to have a reception with my family and friends.

That trip convinced me we could make it through almost anything together:

We drove cross country in a little Ford Ranger (custom purple paint job, with hot pink and turquoise swoops on both sides - it was SWEET!) The bed filled with some furniture and boxes of stuff his parents had stored.

We were young and broke, and couldn't afford motels. So we slept in the cab, heads in opposite directions (and feet in each others faces half of the time!) at rest stops along the way. Then we would wash up in the COLD water there before we start off again. (I remember wetting down my head in a sink going over the Rockies- boy was that cold! There was a sign posted about NOT washing your hair in the sink - due to a hypothermia risk!) It's OK, I was young and invincible!

We spent a week at my folks house, most of it packing up my stuff to tote back to Florida (where we were living at the time), and had a reception at the local VFW. The trip back was the about the same- only we had an '81 4 door Datsun 310 towed behind the truck- and the rest of the bed of the truck packed sky high with my boxes and the back of the Datsun was filled too. The front seat had my two cats and their litter box!

Anyhow. . . by the time we finished this trip, 3 days each way, I knew we would be together for a LLLLOOONNNGGGGGG time. If we could make it through that, we could make it through just about ANYTHING!

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  1. Bobbi: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!Great story, and I guess that set you up for married life with Mr. T; boy, did you have great legs in that dress. Time really flies, doesn't it?
    Wednesday October 10, 2007

    Dilys S: Happy Anniversary! It's true... trying times in the beginning - if you can survive them - seem to ensure marital longevity!
    Thursday October 11, 2007

    Joansie: Happy Anniversary! Great Story. It's great to be young and in love when those difficult years are there when we first start out. Congrats!
    Thursday October 11, 2007

    麗MºñFluerEyes: Happy Anniversary! Wonderful true love story. However broke you are "Love Conquers All". God Bless Your Family. :0)
    Friday October 12, 2007

    LDSVenus: I hope you had a great anniversary. That was such a sweet story!!
    Thursday October 11, 2007