Monday, June 1, 2009

April 19, 2006

Easter was beautiful!

We went to the sunrise services at the church we have been attending regularly - I should have been better prepared for it. I wasn't expecting the cold after the sun came up, or all the mosquitoes that were awake before I usually am. All in all, it was beautiful, but I don't know if we'll do it again. Breakfast with half the attendees afterwards, at Bob Evans, was very nice though. . . and I don't seem to have a dozen bites , so it wasn't THAT bad.

Then our daughter was baptised and confirmed into the church, at the regular Sunday service later that morning. It was really cool. Three girls were confirmed, and two of those were baptised. It was a great service, and almost all of Todd's cousins came early to attend the service with us. His cousin Phil took a bunch of pictures for us, since we were standing up with her.

Then we returned home, pigged out, played dice (yep! GREEDY) and played with my new CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN! It was my Christmas present from Todd's mom - very cool! You melt 3-5 pounds of chocolate with some oil, then pour it in. It cascades down the falls, and pumps back up to the top. It was fun. Lots of fresh fruits to dip, along with cookies, and rice crispy treats, and pretzels! Yummy! Definetly a party device though. A lot of work for just hanging around on the weekend or something. But worth it.

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