Monday, June 1, 2009

May 5, 2006

So much trouble . . .

Hard to believe that these five little balls of yarn could cause so much trouble!
But they did. Starting with; just having the nerve to be discontinued in the first place - especially before I finished hubbies "never ending sweater"! Then I do the frantic internet search, with no luck for a couple of days. Then finally, I find a place that has it! I try to order online, and get a message that I am not permitted to do this, because I am trying to do some awful thing to their server - whatever.
So I call said shop in New York: "So very happy to find you online - no one seems to have any of this yarn left in my color. What is my color? Navy blue. You don't have any? Your site said it was one of the available colors. No thank you, I don't want brown or slate blue, it is a completely NAVY blue sweater. Yes, I understand I could mix it, but I am finished with the back, and the two front panels for this cardigan, and am one quarter done with the long sleeves - and really don't want to pull out parts and reknit to mix. Plus husband really wants an ALL navy blue sweater. Yes, I understand I could make it a short sleeved cardigan, but this defeats the purpose of knitting a sweater for my 'reptile blooded' husband to stay warm in all the air conditioning around here (here being home, and work, and resterants and . . .) Well, thank you anyhow. " ARRRGGGGHHHH! Why didn't they update their stupid site!!
Then a friend from California who is helping in my search, orders from the same company - but online works for her. We discuss the situation and how it went down for me, and assume they will send her a "We're so sorry" email on the coming Monday, and I continue my search. I find a yarn that I can possibley substitute, but nobody around here carries it because this is Florida and "We don't get much call for ______" (I get the same answer for Navy blue, wool sock yarn and anthing that isn't bright and cotton!) And at $10 per ball I want to be sure the color and everything matches. Also, I am a terrible guesstimater, and hubby does the math for me and decides I need another 7 balls, not the 2-3 I originaly thought.
Well . . . lo and behold, said friend in California never gets the expected "We're so sorry" email, instead she gets the 2 balls of Debbie Bliss wool/cotton she had ordered! Keep in mind they were instructed to send it straight to me in Florida, but it WAS sent. So I go back online and try to order the remaining 5 balls hubby says I need, and it STILL will not let me order (and this is from husbands computer or mine) So I have to email "Fantastic Fiber Friend in Cali" and ask her to jack up her credit card a few more bucks and order me more! Luckily she had a few bucks on her limit and loves me. Unfortunately they only had 3 balls left!
All in all, this has been quite an interesting project. Considering that I bought 2 balls more than it called for origanally, and am possibly still 1 or 2 balls short! Whew!
But it teaches me to NEVER procrastinate a knitting project in the form of years again!!!

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