Monday, June 1, 2009

May 26, 2006

Heading for Oregon

My Aunt Charlotte, who is in the photo above with my daughter and I (last time we saw her New Year's evish 2002), had surgery last week to remove a spot on her lung. It didn't go so well. The spot remains, and she spent almost a week on life support, knocked out on heavy drugs and only given a 50/50 chance to leave the hospital. When they tried to cut out the spot she bled too heavily - they had to give up and just scrape off as much as they could. So . . . . this leads us to believe that it will grow and take over in too short a time.
This is hard enough in it's own right, add to it that I lost my mother (her sister, my best friend) to lung cancer 15 years ago this week - and it has definetly been a roller coaster of emotions for all involved.
DD and I are heading out there early next week to visit for a couple of weeks. (DAMN the Holidays! The airlines cut no slack) I'd much rather spend time with her than go out for a funeral, wishing I had spent time with her prior. My cousins will understand when I can't make it back for a wake. DH is a doll, sending us out and staying home to hold down the fort - feeding the cat and dog, working and keeping up on the house in it's final months.
ON TOP OF THAT, one of my dearest friends is in the hospital in N.C. having a risky surgery (yesterday) and I have not heard if she came through ok or not. Call me Meghan! (her DD)
Have I mentioned that I really don't like May?
Will probably not hear from me until the end of June. Peace be with you - and me.

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